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Probably the

most interesting

Piano Gallery

in the Country

The Piano and Art Gallery in Hainburg / Donau comprises a piano showroom and master workshop which offers

dedicated piano services. Born in Vienna, Philipp Schneider learned his profession of piano maker and

highly skilled technician at the Austrian General Representation at Steinway & Sons in Vienna.

In 1987 he completed his master 's examination in Vienna.  At  Steinway & Sons in Hamburg

he learned  piano voicing  techniques focusing mainly on Steinway instruments.

Philipp Schneider’s outstanding craftsmanship and Master Piano Maker skills ar

renowned at concert halls and music colleges throughout Austria and abroad.

The Piano maker is a craftsman whose skills are seen,  felt and heard. 

We offer a wide range of the highest quality craftsmanship which includes repairs and restorations

to modern instruments as well as historical pianoforte instruments. On-site service and maintenance

is also available for all types of pianos including private households and institutions.  These services

include tuning, voicing, intonation and some mechanical adjustments.

About us


          In 2002, the Piano & Art Gallery opened its doors to the public for the sale of new, used

         and antique pianos. We offer expert advice on buying or renting a piano. For example;

     Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Blüthner, Bechstein, August Förster, Petrof, Ibach,  Schimmel, Gustav Ignaz Stingl, Grotrian Steinweg and much more.....

Grand & upright pianos


Our showroom gallery comprises a collection of european romantic and art case pianos spanning three centurys. These grand pianos are completely restored and can be used

for recordings and also concerts for late romantic music. These rare and elaborately restored masterpieces are an excellent representation of superb instrument craftmanship and demonstrate the varied tonal colors making then the ambassadors from the heyday of piano building.

Unique & great period pianos

Restoration and repairs to your piano are carried out with the utmost of care. Our technicians have many years of precision craftmanship experience and are able to provide you with expert advice on repair options on new and used pianos. We also offer highly skilled services which enable us to restore the appearance of your piano’s aesthetics. We offer low-priced piano tuning which is carried out to the highest standard to meet your requirements.


Many of our private customers including administrators from music conservatories and recital halls have favourably praised and reviewed our piano tuning and technical knowhow.   Necessary service work and repairs are assessed during a tuning or service call.  Repair and adjustment can either be carried out during the tuning or in our master workshop.  We are dedicated to ensuring each customer is well informed with expert and detailed information about which service or repair option we recommend for their piano.


High quality piano rental

We offer: 

Rental of new and good quality used grand or upright pianos of varying sizes. We are delighted to be able to offer these instruments for concerts, private music events (events, festivals, competitions and opening exhibitions) with professional support.  In addition, we also offer rental of unique concert grand pianos and historical pianos from our collection. Some of these rare instruments are elaborately detailed masterpieces and have been painstakingly restored as close as possible to their original splendour. They demonstrate the intricacy and techniques involved in piano craftmanship of their era. Furthermore, these instruments offer a range of varying tonal colours and are the ambassadors from the heyday of piano building.

Export / transport

We also have a selection used pianos which span three over three centuries. These pianos have not been repaired and in most cases unplayable. They are bought as furniture and decorative items (props). These beautiful pieces from Vienna’s heyday, very often have beautifully crafted cases. There is no guarantee for these instruments and we would be happy to inform you about our current inventory.

If you would like to sell your old piano please contact us.

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